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August 2021

coronavirus in cancun

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Coronavirus Update For Cancun Mexico August 9, 2021, COVID-19 Cancun Mexico Facts If you are researching information about traveling to Cancun Mexico and the Caribbean region during COVID-19, here is a glimpse of what you can expect as of August 2021. We want to provide you with true information and the source where we found [...]

July 2021


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Cancun, Q.R. Thousands of tourism workers have already been vaccinated in Cancun and our very own Abdiel is one of them. The vaccination program started July 1st for tourism workers aged 30 – 39 who had not been vaccinated yet. The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry reports that most of Quintana Roo’s [...]

June 2021

Amazon Prime Day

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The Best Amazon Prime Travel Deals for 2021 There is still time to grab the best Amazon Prime Day deals Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to purchase much needed items before you travel to Cancun. Today is the last day to save big! Whether you are looking for suitcases, blue tooth speakers, sunscreen [...]

Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation

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Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation 20 Reasons for Trip Cancellation that are Covered Travel Insured’s reimbursement benefit is an advantage for you to consider when choosing a travel protection plan. While some plans only offer credit towards a specific company, with a deadline, and only for a narrow range of reasons, Travel Insured provides coverage [...]

Post COVID Family Vacation

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How Travel Insurance Helps on Family Vacations How Travel Insurance Helps on Family Vacations Travel Insurance, or Travel Protection Plans, can help reduce anxiety on any family vacation. There are many benefits that protect the entire family from unexpected and unwanted events. Choosing one of the travel protection plans that I offer can be useful [...]

Cancun and the current status of COVID-19

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Updated: Cancun and the current status of COVID-19 Each Thursday the governor of the state of Quintana Roo, Carlos Manuel Joaquin Gonzalez, gives a status report of the current COVID-19 test positive infections, hospital occupancy rates and deaths. Mexico uses a "stop light" monitoring system to visually show where they are in the [...]

Post Pandemic Stress Disorder

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Updated: Post Pandemic Stress Disorder Wow! Seriously do you believe we have gotten through this last 15 months? Almost all of us on planet Earth has made some type of personal sacrifice in the last year that has caused us to feel huge amounts of frustration, anger, isolation, and sadness. We have lost [...]

Best place to travel to after COVID-19

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Cancun is the best place to travel after COVID-19 Cancun is the best place to travel after COVID-19 Now that summer travel has resumed, many people are planning their first vacation since the pandemic began. One term that is gaining popularity is “revenge travel". Almost everyone on the planet made personal sacrifices in the last [...]

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