Updated: July 15, 2021 @ 1:58 pm

Top Ten Signs You Need a Vacation

1. You cannot remember the last time you laughed or even smiled.

2. Your stress is making you unbearable to be around.

Stress can be one of those things that you might not notice until it is too late. One clear sign of being too stressed is being irritated at everyone and everything. 

When you are more irritated than normal you snap at people. You lose your temper fast when you are normally a really calm and patient person, if you snapped at your cat - you could need a vacation. 

3. You find yourself dealing with the day in unhealthy ways.

You know you are in need of a vacation when you start opening the second bottle of wine just to be able to go to sleep at night. 

4. You cannot remember the last time you did not work late.

Working from home makes it really hard to stop working and put the laptop away. Before the pandemic we used to travel home from work and there was a definate time to stop work and start personal time. 

5. When you wake up in the morning you cannot remember what day it is.

It is easy to become so consumed by our work that you forget about the fact that it is the weekend. Balance means saying "no" and stopping those long hours of work. 

6. You don't get happy or excited about anything.

If you cannot find a way to feel positive no matter what, for longer than a minute, it could mean that you are in a serious depression and a vacation could help get you out of it. 

7. You subscribe to YOUTUBE channels about other people traveling.

You might need a vacation if you find yourself looking forward to the next upload of your favorite vlogger. 

8. You binged watched every TV series on Netflix.

9. You look forward to going to Home Depot for the "change of scenery".

Staring at the same walls everyday causes anxiety go buy some paint. 

10. People started calling you Karen and you don't understand why.

Asking for the manager or someones supervisor is not normal. 

11. You are making mistakes, or are very forgetful.

Absent mindedness and making mistakes are the result of chronic stress. 

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