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Masks No Longer Required on Flights

Masks No Longer Required on Flights

United States District judge Kathryn Kimbal Mizzell struck down the Biden administration's mask mandate, citing agency overreach by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention otherwise known as the CDC.

The TSA said it would no longer enforce the mask mandate in airports or public transportation. In response, most United States airlines have made masks optional for employees and their customers.

As per this new ruling you are no longer required to wear a mask in the United States Airports.

Are Covid tests still required to enter the United States?

If you are planning a vacation to Cancun, please continue to investigate what your home country requires for re-entry.

For example, the United States still requires a negative COVID test take within a day of your flight departure back into the U.S.A. Furthermore, the test may be taken one calendar day and is not limited to a 24-hour period of your departure. So, take the test any time duri8ng the day before your flight and you will be fine.

Cancun has plenty of locations that offer that service to help their visitors travel home safely.



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