cancun taxi driver protest Uber 2023

Cancun taxi drivers continue to protest Uber drivers.

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Tensions are still rising between taxi drivers and Uber drivers in Cancun.

Uber drivers are back trying to continue their business in Quintana Roo, and so are the protesting taxi drivers.

2018 Ruling

On May 28, 2018 the state Congress approved several modifications to the "Mobility Law".  Shortly, this allowed Uber to operate freely in the state.

The Mobility law requires public transportation companies to obtain a state concession in order to operate in the state of Quintana Roo. Uber argued they are not "form of public transportation". They are a private company and should only need to have a business permit to operate.

This triggered protests and blockages by taxi drivers. So in December of 2018 Uber temporarily ceased their operations in Quintana Roo. They stated that it would only resume their services if local regulations offered a level playing ground. Uber called the Mobility Law discriminatory and restrictive.

Forward to 2023

A court ruled earlier in January that Uber drivers could work legally in the southeastern portion of the state of Quintana Roo without a concession that is required by all other transport companies in Quintana Roo. This angered taxi drivers and their union.

Recently, Cancun taxi drivers created a blockade where some taxi drivers restricted access to the Cancun International Airport. Simultaneously causing many people to miss their flights.

Additionally one of our guests was unable to receive their in-home meal on Monday because our cooks were stuck in that blockade. The blockage lasted all day.

Police reports show that five taxi drivers were arrested for harassing an Uber driver during this blockade. In addition, the suspects are now facing other charges of endangering passengers by altering public order.

A Judge announced earlier this year that Uber is in fact legally operating, this ruling only escalated the tensions between taxi drivers and Uber drivers. Before Cancun and its surrounding areas were considered a taxi only zone.

In fact, Uber drivers were banned from entering the Cancun Hotel Zone and the single road to the International Airport prior to this ruling.

The recent escalations caused the United States State Department to issue a Security Alert on Monday January 23, 2023.



What about now

At this point, my suggestion is to only use USA Transport for your round trip transportation from the airport. Their vans are highly visible and taxi drivers are not going to disturb their business because both the taxi and the transport companies have the same required concessions. Uber does not.

For other transportation, until things simmer down between the taxi drivers and Uber, try using the bus. But if you did have to choose I suggest using the Taxi not Uber.



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