NUUP Spa at Oleo Cancun Playa®


Our certificated Ateliers are committed to help all guests find their inner harmony with the universe while traveling to Cancun, Mexico.

The NUUP Spa menu is designed to pamper your senses, by experiencing comfort all while admiring the pristine turquoise water and power white beach. The NUUP Spa is an everlasting experience!

NUUP Spa features a hydro massage ludic pool and an open-air hot tub overlooking the Caribbean, as well as contrasting pools and sensation showers.

The expert hands of the NUUP Spa Therapists provide a restful experience that is out of this world.


NUUP Spa at Oleo Cancun Playa® 2023 Pricing

Its Time to Relax

Relax Massage

25 min $65, 50 min $125 or 80 min $165

A light massage that helps alleviate accumulated stress and tension as well as promote circulation by toning the heart center.

Sports Massage

50 min $129

This is a sequence of movements that stimulates blood circulation while at the same time getting the muscles warmed up for an intense physical activity. This is suitable for people who constantly play sports.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 min $129 or 80 min $175

A deep tissue massage that improves circulation and accelerates recovery from stress, connecting you with the life force.

Detox Massage

50 min $129 or 80 min $175

Long purging movements move liquid and lymph, promoting body healing and detoxification. This is mixed with different breathing exercises for system healing at a cellular level and toning in the solar plexus.

Hot Stone Massage

50 min $139 or 80 min $189

Hot river stones create a state of deep relaxation allowing body connection and toning.

Four Hands Massage

50 min $219 or 80 min $249

Massage with 2 therapists working a combination of relaxation techniques leaving the body rejuvenated.

Prenatal Massage

50 min $129

A delicate massage for expecting mothers who suffer from back and leg pain. The purpose of this massage is to provide more oxygen to the baby, the circulatory system function better and helping the mother reduce liquid retention. Only recommended after the third month of pregnancy.

Feet Relaxation

25 min $59

A refreshing feet exfoliation accompanied by a relaxing feet massage.

Mayan Massage

50 min $185, 80 min $219

A combination of different techniques including deep tissue, hot stones, sport and relaxing massage with aromatic oil candles in order to relieve tension. You can choose between apple, vanilla or grape candles.


45 min $99

Ancient technique that bases its treatment on the bottoms of your feet by stimulating nerve points which set off or sedate all body functions.

Early Morning Massage

50 min Available from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

This massage is designed to start the day in a healthy way. Whole body therapy applying personalized techniques at each zone in ordre to lilberate accumulated stress. This massage is accompanied with the best ocean view, a healthy juice and freshly picked fruit at the end of the session.

Scalp Massage

40 min $89

A Healthy Lifestyle

Full Day Pass $50

Hydrotherapy Circuit

80 min $25

Glamour Chocolate Body Wrap

50 min $119

Find the glamour with a fusion of smells and flavors with antidepressant and energetic effect.  It starts with a gentle exfoliation based on organic chocolate salts followed by a chocolate body emulsion mask.  Finish with an exquisite yogurt & honey moisturizing cream.

Exotic Hydrating Body Wrap

50 min $125

Refreshing and rehydrating body wrap with coconut, bamboo & green tea. Your skin will receive a gentle tropical exfoliation that purifies and cleanses and then absorbs the nutrients of an emollient mask. The treatment concludes with the application of aloe vera decongestant body cream.

Citrus Exfoliation

45 min $79

Relax & energize your body with the different aromas of mandarin, lime & lemon.  Smoothes and deeply cleanses your skin with organic citrus crystals, concluding with a body moisturizer cream.

Hibiscus and Salt Exfoliation

45 min $79

An exfoliation like no other. Salt extracted from the Maya coast blended with dry hibiscus, leaves your skin radiant and glowing.

Aloe Sun Treatment

45 min $79

Ear Candle Treatment

25 min $45

Ear Deep cleansing with the heat & smoke produced by a candle and while they consume you will receive a light drain massage.

Mayan Purifying Mud Wrap

50 min $119

Treatment of prehispanic roots that helps to purify and renew the skin through a cleansing wrap of Mayan mud. Start with a stimulating natural exfoliation based on sea salts and aromatic herbs, followed by a native mud mask and a moisturizer to finish.

Deep Cleansing Facial

50 min $119 or 80 min $135

This is a basic treatment to begin the process of healing the skin by removing impurities and unclogging pores so the skin may breathe adequately.

Sensitive Facial

50 min $119

Formula for skins with little tolerance to the effects of the environment like the solar radiations, the wind and the factors that can provide allergies and sensitivity. Mask that helps soothe, moisturize and decongest.

Hydration Facial

50 min $119 or 80 min $135

Offers beauty and softness for all skin types that requires hydration after age 20.  Activates cell renewal, skin improves texture, regains hydration and releases any signs of tiredness and fatigue.

Lifting Facial Amatista

50 min $159

Luxury facial treatment with plastic Ajna mask, combining state of the art antioxidant and anti-aging assets capable of combating all signs of aging, wrinkles, sagging loss of vitality and satisfying the most demanding skins.  Amethyst quartz is excellent for all types of healing, cleansing our auric and mental field.

Luxury Gold Kilates Facial

50 min $169

It revitalizes, illuminates, softens and hydrates the skin base on the certified organic gold and champagne treatment, giving natural luminosity to your skin. Luxury gold, an exclusive treatment to reverse aging and recover youth.

Refreshing Men's Facial

50 min $119

Treatment of two masks designed especially for gentlemen that help to eliminate toxins and to strengthen the defenses against the pollution, the stress and the action of the free radicals. The sensation of freshness maintains healthy and always young skin.

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