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July 2020

Private Beaches Are Open

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Beaches in Cancun are open! Private beaches in the Hotel Zone are open for their guests. Although reopening of the entire beach has been gradual, our private beach has been open since June 1st 2020.   Public beaches remain closed Public beaches remain closed, some will not open until August, however, there are cases [...]

May 2020

new details of the economic reopening of Cancun Mexico

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Federal Government Announced a Three Phase Plan to Reopen Mexico Mexico City, May 13 - The Federal Government revealed a three phase plan to reopen Mexico with a color-coded map using the colors of a stoplight to indicate their economic reopening. The first of these phases’ beings May 18 when over 260 municipalities [...]

January 2020

July 2019

June 2019

Cancun vacation for the first time

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Things to think about before visiting Cancun for the first time   Traveling to Cancun is exciting, and can be exhausting. First you have all of the fuss to get you and your luggage from your house to the airport, park the car, wait in the line to check your bags in, get yourself through [...]

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