Quick tips to stay safe in Cancun

1. Toilets marked with M are for women

The Spanish word for woman/female is Mujeres. If you see the letter M as you are directed to the bathroom "Bajo" it is for women only.

2. Do not be flashy with your money

Pick pocketing is very common all over Cancun. Limit the amount of money you bring with you and leave the rest in your safe when you leave your condo.

3. Do not wear expensive jewelry or clothes

If you look like you are rich, you will be targeted and might get you robbed. But worse than that, you may even be kidnapped because you look like you are worth more for ransom.

4. Uber was illegal in Cancun - do not use it

As of June 6, 2019 Uber is allowed to operate in Cancun after a federal judge ruled in 2017 that it was not legal. The local taxi companies are not happy about the new ruling because it affects their source of income and their union plans on taking strong actions in favor of the taxi drivers. Don't risk getting involved in this labor union mess by trying to save a few pennies.

5. Do not drink the water

The Cancun municipality treats the water before it is sent to the community. During transportation the water gets exposed to bacteria in the pipes and tank that hold the water supply. Restaurants make their ice and serve their water from a purified water source, so you do not need fear drinking their water. It is the tap water from the kitchen sink that is not good to drink.

6. Keep your car doors locked and windows up

If you rent a car in Cancun, be aware that car jacking does happen here. Be aware of your surroundings, especially while waiting at a traffic light.


7. Just say "No" to drugs

They are everywhere in Mexico and people will try to sell them to you right out in the open daylight. This is the country's source of its worst problems, do not get curious and try it "just for fun". It is not worth your life.

8. Do not travel alone at night

Most of the crime happens when it is dark outside. Try to stay at your own resort once the sun goes down. If you are out, travel with friends to stay safe.

9. Police like to pull over "gringos"

The police have their own system of serving and protecting. If you get pulled over and you look clearly like a tourist they are looking for you to slip them a nice cash tip when you hand them your drivers license.

10. Use caution at ATM's

Avoid having to use an ATM that is not located inside a bank. The ATM is a good spot to rob people. Do not try to get money while it is dark and if you are alone.