Do I need Travel Insurance

5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Every time I get asked "do you think I should get travel insurance?" I think of everything that does go wrong on a trip and immediately say "YES"!

Here are a few of my reasons why traveling with travel insurance is something you need to do.

1. You do not want to lose your money spent.

Let's imagine that you have been saving for a long time to take this trip to Cancun. It is a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary or you are attending a destination wedding. Then something like the coronavirus comes along, or maybe the swine flu or how about maybe a Hurricane named Wilma. These things happen and no one ever expects it to happen to them, until it happens to them.

Situations like this are why travel insurance is so important. When you have travel insurance with vacation cancellation benefits, you get reimbursed for prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs when you must cancel for a covered reason.

Top 10 covered reasons for interrupting or canceling your vacation:

1.    A Natural Disaster

2.    The insured traveler, traveling companion or a family member suffers a serious illness or injury.

3.    The insured traveler, traveling companion or family member dies.

4.    Terrorist Event

5.    You or a traveling companion is laid off from your job through no fault of your own.

6.    Airline, cruise line or other carrier ceases services at least 24 hours in advance due to a strike, natural disaster, bad weather or FAA-mandated shutdown

7.    You need to attend the birth of a family member's child.

8.    Your destination is uninhabitable because of natural disaster, fire, flood, burglary, or vandalism.

9.    A natural disaster renders your home uninhabitable.

10.                    You are in a traffic accident on the way to airport and you need medical attention, or the car needs to be repaired.

2. Emergencies in Mexico can be expensive.

What if you are driving your rental car and some stupid driver slams into you, leaving you with some bad injuries. When you arrive at the hospital, they may not accept your health insurance card. You will need to pay up front for your treatment - these medical bills are not cheap and can rack up to thousands of dollars. If you require a medical evacuation, that cost hits over $200,000 alone.

The U.S. State Department says, "many foreign medical facilities and providers require cash up front in advance and do not accept U.S. insurance plans and Medicare does not provide coverage outside the United States."

When you have travel insurance with emergency medical benefits, it pays for losses due to covered medical and dental emergencies that occur during your trip to Cancun. Emergency Medical Transportation benefits pay for the transportation to the closest appropriate medical facility as well as the cost of getting you back home following a covered injury or illness.

3. Don't let something stupid ruin your whole vacation.

Seriously, when a vacation starts off with a canceled flight, or a lost bag or suitcase or anything else out of your control, it could really ruin your time away.

My last trip to Cancun, I met this young man who traveled there with 14 family members. They all were coming in from several different areas of the world. Once they all arrived in the airport they took a shuttle to the Oleo Resort. One of the youngest children's suitcase was lost from the airport to the resort. This caused so much trouble within the family because of the finger pointing on who was supposed to carry the suitcase. He was still upset, and this was three days into their four-day vacation. What a waste.

Travel insurance helps make these headaches go away faster so you can still enjoy your well-earned vacation. Travel delay benefits reimburse you for additional accommodation/travel expenses and lost prepaid expenses due to a covered departure delay of 6 hours or more. Baggage delay benefits can reimburse you for the reasonable additional purchase of items needed during your trip if your luggage is lost delayed or misdirected by a common carrier for 24 hours or more. There are many more benefits that address other common travel hiccups.

4. The U.S. Department of State highly recommends it.

The State Department advises American travelers to carry travel insurance, specifically travel insurance that includes medical emergency benefits, transportation, and coverage for any other unexpected expenses, like trip cancellation and lost or stolen luggage.

5. Airbnb, VRBO, Tripadvisor, Homeaway and are not going to refund you.

Travelers are often disappointed when they discover that these travel websites power is limited. They cannot provide a refund for missing your plane, or any financial losses you suffer while traveling or cancelling a vacation.

The best way to feel safe is to find a low-cost travel insurance plan. It is easy to get a quote on your trip and then compare different plans. Seriously travel insurance can be affordable, when you think of the costs that you would have to pay when something goes wrong. Believe me, odd are that something does go wrong some of the time, and you don't want it to cost you your happiness on your vacation.

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