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What is the best travel insurance for my vacation in Cancun Mexico?


What is the best travel insurance for COVID when traveling to Cancun Mexico?

Will my health care cover me if I get COVID while I am in Cancun?

How much money can I get back if I cancel my trip for any reason?

These are very important questions that we are being asked by our guests every day while they plan their vacation for 2023.

Honestly because of COVID and the recent changes in traveling to Mexico, we have researched several companies and have come up with a solution for these concerns.

We recommend that you get travel insurance as soon as you make your reservation for your vacation rental in Cancun.

Most people who are traveling to Mexico do not plan on cancelling their vacation or rescheduling it. Our guests also do not expect something to delay their flight to Cancun and interrupt their hard-earned vacation, but these types of things happen more now than ever.

Having travel insurance to protect yourself from this is a smart way to safeguard yourself against the unexpected, you will feel more confident about planning your vacation in Cancun.

What does our travel insurance cover?

We have packaged together a few benefits we found most needed for families travelling to Cancun.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Sometimes an unexpected illness, injury or family member gets sick, and this can derail even the best of plans. Trip cancellation reimburses 100% of your money that you lose in pre-paid, non-refundable deposits if you must cancel for reasons listed in the policy.

All three of the plans we offer have trip cancellation insurance.

If you are concerned about COVID, our Worldwide Trip Protector Plus will cover COVID-related trip cancellation if you contract the virus right before you leave for your trip.

Airbnb does not offer guests cancellation insurance.

Trip Interruption

Trip interruption refunds up to 150% of the unused portion of the total trip cost if you experience a covered interruption. This benefit also reimburses you for the extra cost if you need to travel home early.

Trip interruption coverage is usually for the same reasons as trip cancellation, but it occurs during your trip, not before your trip.

If you are deciding between VRBO trip insurance and ours, and you must return home for any reason during your trip, VRBO will not compensate you for your loss. If you select our Worldwide Trip Protector Plus insurance you will be covered.

Another example, suppose you rented our vacation rental for two weeks. After a few days into your vacation the local government decides to expel all United States travelers due to the risk of spreading COVID.

Regular travel insurance does not cover this scenario, but our Worldwide Trip Protector Plus does.

Airbnb does not offer trip interruption insurance.

Sometimes our guests share the vacation rental expense with other friends and family who will each pay for their share of the rental. If one of them were to get too sick or injured to travel they may cancel on you, and you would be responsible for paying for the whole rental.

With a modified rental agreement showing all the names of each party and their financial responsibility you would be able to make a claim and keep your friendship.

Travel Medical Insurance

Your United States health care plan is not accepted in Cancun. It is important that you have coverage that will cover things like ambulance service, doctor and hospital bills and other medical expenses during your trip. Ours includes a generous coverage limit of $500,000 per person.

Medicare does not pay for health care outside of the United States. So, we highly recommend travel medical insurance for senior travelers.

If COVID is a concern, our Worldwide Trip Protector Plus covers COVID related medical expenses if you contract the virus during your trip.

Medical Evacuation

This insurance is very useful while in Cancun. If you experience a critical injury or illness, this benefit transports you to the nearest hospital. Once you are stable, it brings you back home for further treatment.

The cost for a medical evacuation can vary. It might be something simple like taking an ambulance to the local hospital, or it can be as complex as an air rescue from Isla Mujeres.

A helicopter equipped with ICU machines and monitors, as well as a medical staff can cost up to $25,000 per hour.

We recommend that you take out at least $250,000 in medical evacuation while traveling in Mexico. Our Worldwide Trip Protector Plus includes $1 million.

Baggage and personal belongings

This coverage reimburses you if your baggage is delayed, damaged or stolen during your trip.

Rental car damage

If you select the Worldwide trip protector plus, this package will reimburse up to $50,000 in damages to your rental car.

How much will my travel insurance cost?

Studies have shown, based on a twelve-month period of research that ended in April of 2021, a comprehensive travel insurance plan for an international trip will average about 7% of the cost of the trip.

The cost of the insurance varies, and depends on:

Length of time you are traveling inside Mexico, the cost of healthcare in Cancun, the medical conditions that you want covered, the amount of people that you want covered, and your age.

What does Tim’s Ocean Condos offer?

To make it simple we have created three levels of comprehensive insurance plans to choose from.

Worldwide Trip Protector Plus

Worldwide Trip Protector

Worldwide Trip Protector Lite

All our plans offer trip cancellation, trip interruption/delay, missed flight connection, accident & sickness medical protection, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, and baggage protection.

Only the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus will reimburse you 75% of the cost of your trip if you “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) or if your trip is interrupted for any reason like a hurricane or tropical storm. It also covers rental car damages, accidental death, and dismemberment.

Remember if you choose to purchase the VRBO insurance, it does not cover “cancel for any reason”. So, if you have concerns about COVID interfering with your trip, VRBO’s travel insurance will not cover it.

What about hurricanes and weather-related cancellation?

VRBO travel insurance only offers the minimum protection if:

Cancun or our vacation rental is uninhabitable by fire, flood, or natural disaster

Cancun or our vacation rental is ordered to evacuate

The weather closes the roads for six or more hours

The water, electric, sewage or gas service at the rental is off

Our insurance specifically covers hurricanes as a cancellation reason, if your trip is under a hurricane warning issued by the National Hurricane Center, if you cancel your trip with less than 48 hours before your departure and if your policy has been in force at least 14 days before the cancellation.

What is better Worldwide Trip Protector Plus or Worldwide Trip Protector?

Worldwide Trip Protector Plus and the Worldwide Trip Protector plans are nearly identical in the benefits that are offered. The primary reason for you to select the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus would be if you want to be able to cancel your trip for any reason and if you want to get the benefit of interruption for any reason. These are the benefits of that cover COVID related issues, and hurricanes.

If you value these main benefits, you want to select the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus travel insurance.

How do I get travel insurance?

To purchase one of our travel policies available in your state, click this link, input your destination and “get a quote”.

You will then need to input the following details, like where you live and when you are traveling.

Once you select “view quote” you will see a list of plans to choose from based on your state of residence and your trip details.

We hope we were able to get you what you need to enjoy paradise.

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