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We offer a variety of services to property owners including

Tim's Ocean Condos has been offering vacation rentals in Cancun since 2004. We have over twenty years of history on the internet with a well-established presence on all the vacation rental websites like Airbnb, VRBO and many others. Our guest experience reviews average 4.5 and higher. This means we are one of the most established longest lasting vacation rental property management company in Cancun. This gives you an advantage over your competition right from the start.

We advertise your property all over the world. Tim's Ocean Condos has a platinum level contract with Home Away since they were launched in 2006. They have more than 2,000,000 vacation rentals in 190 countries. They market our properties on fifty websites in twenty three languages. We also have brokerage relationships with Air BnB, and VRBO.

In the real world things go wrong. We handle the conflict so you don't have to. We are your protection from: unhappy or difficult guests, contractors, other neighbors, other competition and more.

We hire professional interior design staff to stage your unit and we bring in professional photographers to take the interior pictures of your unit from the proper angle and in the correct lighting situation to better highlight your home. Over the years of working with photographs on the internet we have learned what helps catch the potential guests eye and intrigue them. This professionalism creates trust immediately with the client.


Tim's Ocean Condos has two property managers on site. We handle all check-ins check outs and everything else in between. This is important because the guests want to trust that someone will be there when they arrive from the airport, now matter how late in the evening it is or what day it is we are always there for them.

We also have long term relationships established with our service maintenance company, elevator company, plumbing company, electrical company window cleaning company, cleaning ladies, private cooks and baby sitters. Our relationships with these people are a huge asset for you because we have given them good business and we are very important to them. When we need service from them they actually show up and complete the task.


Our property managers are on site to check in your guests at arrival, direct instructions on your property, describe the amenities of the resort, hand over the keys and give them tips on the area!

Certificate of Excellence award

Tripadvisor is the worlds largests travel guidance platform on the internet and Tim has been listed on Tripadvisor since 2010 and is a 9-year recipient of their Certificate of Excellence Award.

This award is only given because his listings had:

averaged a review score of 4 or above

over a 95% response rate with an

90% acceptance rate and

ZERO cancellations.

As a Tripadvisor verified owner, he has the safest rental experience online with a property summary rating of more than 4 stars.

In 2020 Tripadvisor changed their awards to Travelers’ Choice awards.

How are we doing?

When it comes to your vacation rental property from the original start up, sales and marketing, interior design, new construction, to human resources, inventory management, guests arrival and departures, we cover it all.

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