April 2021

Oceanfront rooftop penthouse with infinity pool

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Privately Owned Penthouse Vacation Rental with Rooftop Infinity Pool For more than 15 years, Tim's Ocean Condos has been offering vacation rentals on the beach in Cancun. Enjoy your next family vacation in one of our ten vacation rentals on the beach in Cancun at their finest while vacationing with us inside the [...]

March 2021

February 2021

Is Cancun Open for Spring Break 2021?

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Is Cancun Open for Spring Break 2021? February 9th, 2021 Cancun spring break travelers hope that Cancun will be open in 2021 because Cancun is one of the most popular places to go for spring break. Cancun spring break has not been cancelled. Tim’s Ocean Condos offers 9 of the best spring break vacation rentals [...]

spring break in cancun

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2021 Spring Vacation in Cancun? How is going on a 2021 spring vacation in Cancun near the ocean going to improve your mental health and restore your mood? Try spending it with us. We invite you to experience the softness of our cozy sheets and embrace the glory of the morning sunrise peeking in our [...]

New Vacation Rentals in Cancun Now Open

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New Vacation Rentals in Cancun Now Open New Vacation Rentals in Cancun are open with no pre-entry travel requirement into Mexico. Tim’s Ocean Condos already is known for its collection of the best oceanfront vacation rentals for over 15 years. In 2020 we added three new vacation rentals by owner to our Cancun collection making [...]

Onsite COVID-19 Testing with Travelers Health Insurance

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Onsite COVID-19 Testing with Travelers Health Insurance offered by Tim's Ocean Condos February 5th, Cancun - Tim’s Ocean Condos offers onsite COVID-19 testing for their guests with short term health insurance to cover medical treatment if needed while on vacation in Cancun. All departures to the United States and Canada are required to show proof [...]

September 2020

Tim’s Ocean Condos Expands VRBO During COVID19

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VRBO and Airbnb to expand in Cancun during COVID19 pandemic Cancun, Sept 16, 2020 – Tim’s Ocean Condos, the leader in Cancun vacation rental property management of award winning privately owned penthouses, announced their continued expansion of vacation rentals by owner (VRBO). Tim’s Ocean Condo guests will continue to have the opportunity to experience their [...]

June 2020

Reactivate Quintana Roo

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Reactivate Quintana Roo - Cancun Economy CANCÚN, Quintana Roo- According to the plan to “Reactivate Quintana Roo”, Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquín González sent a message on his social networks, explaining that starting on June 8, the state traffic light will be managed by two different regions: a south zone and [...]

May 2020

The Best Mexican Street Art in Cancun

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The Best Mexican Street Art in Cancun Cancun, Quintana Roo - Cancun Vacation Rentals are set to open June 1, 2020. Families that have been staying at home for the last two months are ready to get outside to get back to some kind of normal. There are several activities that you can [...]

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