What is Hydrotherapy

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At Tim's Ocean Condos, you have access to one of the top natural wellness spas in Cancun NUUP SPA.

The Spa has a Ludic pool which is used for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a whole body treatment that involves moving and exercising in the water. It is very therapeutic, essentially physiotherapy in the ludic pool.

The pool water is controlled and changed according to who is using the pool and why they are using it. The pressure, tempurature and movement is also controlled for your very own personal needs.

What is hydrotherapy really good for?

While you are immersed, buoyant or even receiving a massage in the water it can relieve our body of tension in different ways. Using hydrotherapy can help with physical and emotional issues including:

  • Neurological Conditions
  • Muscle or ligament injuries, broken bones
  • Joint replacement (before and after the proceedure)
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain and inflammation
  • Poor circulation
  • Anxiety, tension and stress
  • Rheumatic arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Brain injuries or strokes

At our spa "hydrotherapy" means access to our different baths, pools, showers and jacuzzi's with unsupervised time.

Hydro massage

There are gentle and powerful jets of water that will massage you while in the pool. The jets are placed in specific locations and areas of the pool so that you can use them on areas of your body with issues.





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