What is Mexico's Buen Fin - the biggest shopping event of the year


Buen Fin 2022 – Mexico’s version of Black Friday.

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Get ready and take advantage of Buen Fin 2022. Starting in November you start to see "El Buen Fin" or Buen Fin" signs all around Cancun. This is part of their local culture.

Buen Fin originated from the American tradition of Black Friday.

The term "El Buen Fin" means "the good end" or it also refers to as “a good weekend". The event is a four-day period including the weekend.

From Friday, November 18 to Monday, November 21, you will find excellent offers on a wide variety of brands and categories.

The very first Buen Fin took place on the exact same dates as this year's event November 18 through the 21st of November in 2011. It offered incredible benefits to the Mexican economy reaching over 50% discounts.

Now Mexico is encouraging tourists to plan their vacations around these dates. Flights to Cancun are low.

The whole purpose of this event is to create great holiday sales and promote a strong retail economy for the country.



When is Buen Fin 2022


Buen Fin will take place from Friday November 18th through Monday November 21, 2022.

The timing of the event is usually around the middle of November. Most of the Mexican population gets their paycheck automatically deposited and are paid twice a month. Once on the 1st of the month and again on the 15th.

You will see larger lines of people at the automatic teller machines during this time because people want to withdraw cash to start buying.


What are Buen Fin


Not only will you receive huge discounts on your purchases, but also you can take advantage of interest free credit when you make your purchases.

eCommerce is even becoming more competitive in offering early bird specials on Buen Fin deals.

Even though Buen Fin is still only a few weeks away, it is never to early to start shopping for the main event.




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