Cancun Travel Tips: Things to know before going to Cancun

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Traveling to Cancun is exciting and can be exhausting. Whether you are planning your honeymoon, a large family reuion, or a small get away for two, here are some things to know before going to Cancun.

Imagine this sceneario;

You and your family start your vacation by waking up early and try to manage to move everyone including their luggage from your home to the airport.

If you drove yourself to the airport, you then get to go through the hunt to find the perfect parking space. After you park, you still have to move your family and all of the luggage to to parking lot transfer that gets you to the airport.

Once you finally get to the airport, then you have the great joy of waiting in the line to check you and your bags in.

After surving all of that,  you get to go through airport security -phew -.

Following your free pat down, you have another wait in line to board the plane, shuffle to your seat, stow away your bags overhead and under your seat, sit back relax and wait to arrive in Cancun.

After the flight, you get to wait in another line to unload the airplane, walk - walk and walk some more to customs, wait in that line, then pick up your luggage in the baggage claim, then go through one more line before you leave the airport so they can check your luggage.

You will need a Corona by the time you get all of that done and you are not even at the resort yet.

I have put together a small list of things to think about before visiting Cancun. Hopefully this short list will help reduce some anxiety.

Decide how you will get to the condominium from the airport

Rent a car - when I travel to Cancun I have a lot of running around to do, I make several trips to Walmart, Home Depot, Sam's Club and many other stores to purchase items needed for repairs and maintenance at our rental properties.

I have been using the same car rental service for over 10 years now. Renting a car from Easy Way Rent A Car is the best and it is "easy". You will not have to deal with chaos at the airport of taxi drivers trying to get your attention. Because their parking lot is not at the airport, you will save money on car rental airport taxes and other fees.

They have a FREE shuttle service pick you up and take you right to their office. A representative will be waiting for you at the airport, all you do is make a call to them when you are ready with all of your bags and out of baggage claim area.

After you make the phone call, the representative will meet you just outside the airport, take your bags and walk you over to the special curbside pick-up area.

Easy Way is a small family owned operation in Cancun and we enjoy working with them, all of their drivers speak English and are happy to answer any questions you have about Cancun.

Click on this link for requirements to rent a car with Easy Way Rent A Car.

Taxi - there are plenty of taxi drivers waiting for you to leave the airport, they try and get you with your bags before you have even left the building. I usually do not make eye contact and try to walk right by them so not to be rude. The ride from the airport to Oleo Playa should not cost more than $45.00 US dollars for two people.

Cancun Airport Transfers - We recommend if you have a large amount of people including their luggage that you choose USA Transfers.

We have been using them since 2004. The cost for a round trip transfer for 10 people or less is only $100 US dollars. It is slightly less if you have 7 people of less.

We have negotiated a special price for guest of Tim's Ocean Condos.

We have also created a unique special where they can take you to the grocery store directly from the airport before you go the condo. There are only convenient stores near the condominium. This option is an addon after you set up your airport transfer and only costs $35 United States Dollars.

If you have more than ten people you will need more than one vehicle transfer.

Best place to exchange your money

The very first thing I do when I get to Cancun is go to Walmart. I purchase my necessities and then pay with US dollars. Most places do not take large bills like $50 or $100 US dollars. Bring with you $20's, $10's, $5's and $1's. When I make my purchases at Walmart they give me the exact current exchange rate that the Peso is trading for with the American Dollar. They give me my change back using that rate and they do not charge me any extra fee to give me change back in Peso's. Exchange houses at airports do not give you a good exchange rate.

American dollars are accepted almost everywhere. Pay with your credit card, but ALWAYS check the bill and exchange rate they use before paying.

Make a grocery list

I always forget something when I pack, or I just decide to purchase it in Cancun so that my bags are under weight. Walmart is the most comfortable place for me to shop because it looks the same as at home and is easy to find what I need. There are other local grocery stores to go to like Soriana or Chedraui that will give you more of a Mexico feel, but I am usually in a hurry to get to work and need items not found at a grocery store.

Common items to put on your list: Bottled water, snacks, alcohol, salt and pepper, condiments, Pepto Bismol, Limes, Butter/Oil, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, liquid laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener, batteries, napkins, paper plates and so much more.

Making Phone Calls

Contact your cell phone company before you leave the United States and tell them you are going to be in Mexico and the dates you will be there. They should be able to give you an international package for a limited time that will not change your current cell phone contract. I have Verizon Wireless and it includes Mexico, so my phone calls from my cell phone are not long distance, it is the very same at making a phone call from the United States.


Is Cancun Safe

Is Cancun safe? Certain areas of Mexico have been making headlines in the news for being unsafe. The majority of the time when this occurs it is gang-related incidents.

Resort areas like ours, have avoided violence.

In 2019 The U.S.Department of State issued a Level 2 travel warning, and it has stayed that way ever since.

As long as you exercise caution and follow simple safety tips, Cancun feels safe.



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